Why Blog now?

The last one year has been a period of great learning. Something that invariably comes with working with new tools and solving hard problems. I have been a programmer all my life but the better part of the last one year I have worked exclusively in the Devops world. And along the way I have picked up things that have changed the way I work forever.

There's so much that I have absorbed, that I now feel like there is this heavy load on my head. There is so much that I have not had a chance to share with the wider world. And so I have this compelling feeling to let it all out. To tell the world that this is what we have learnt, this is how you can do it and this is what to avoid and watch out for.

Hopefully these posts will help someone out there solve their problems, gain new perspective or make a decision. At least I will have the satisfaction of unburdening myself with everything that's locked up in my head.

So here starts the journey!